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New Website

New website

After having several thousands of solar lamps in use successfully around the globe, it was time for a dedicated website. On this occasion, the A-Light S got a new logo as well.

All contents are available in two languages (German/English) and presented in a responsive design. This way, optimal readability is ensured for all devices and visitors worldwide.

Now even more robust

The A-Light S in its second generation ist now water-tight according to IP67. This was achieved by integrating seals in the housing and a custom designed switch button.

Additional improvements in the new version:

  • Flush-mounted button avoids unintentional operation during transport
  • The new hardware goes without tantalum (exploited in crisis regions) which is commonly used in capacitors
  • Even more robust against inappropriate power supplies

A-Light S in South America

The wide-spread utilization of renewable energy is one of the most important challenges in our days. Due to this reason, the austrian society Intersol targets to replace scarce fuel by renewable green energy with its project “Complejo Solar Oruro” (CSO) in Bolivia.

A-Light S in South America. See Intersol homepage for more details.
August 2011: Participants of INTERSOL-Excursion 2011 test new solar components in Oruro/Bolivia together with staff of the Complejo Solar Oruru project. They are designated for rural communities as a contribution to the fight against poverty and climate change.


Please visit the website of Intersol for more information.